Baby I | Wrapped Mini Session

Baby I came in for her mini wrapped session and she was just the sweetest!  She slept so soundly we were able to do a bonus pose with her in the bucket.  She was pure perfection in pinks and creams!

Baby R | Wrapped Mini Session

This baby girl was just so precious!  She came in for a mini wrapped session and I loved the results!  As always I love babies in cream and neutrals – it just highlights their beauty.  We ended with a touch of purple and a beautiful handmade halo (of course in the bucket as always!  Just perfection!

Baby C | Harford County Newborn Photographer

Can we talk about super adorable baby boys for a minute?  This baby was just the cutest and he slept like a champ for me!  This was another one of my wrapped mini sessions, and I just love the gray and cream together.  Of course, I had to put him in a bucket – and what is better than a baby in a bucket?  A baby in a bucket with a bear hat of course!

Baby J | Baltimore Newborn Photographer

This little guy was just so sweet.  He slept through his entire mini session,  and didn’t fuss at all!  He really was a dream to photograph, and to be honest, a part of me wanted to keep him!  We even got a few bonus shots of him which are my favorites.  He fit so snug into mom’s hands.  They really are so small…for so short a time.  

Baby A | Full Newborn Session, Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

This week is featuring beautiful baby A.  She was honestly as tiny and beautiful as a doll, and slept like sleeping beauty.  I really enjoyed this session, as we were able to get through so many setups that day!  Some of my favorite poses are included, but honestly isn’t she adorable in that little bed?  Almost makes me want another baby!