Introducing the One Pose Mini!

I am excited to announced my latest session type – the One Pose Mini!  So many times I get inquiries from families who don’t want a full newborn session but have fallen in love with one of the many photos that I have shared.  By far, the favorite is what is sometimes referred to as the “Froggy” (pictured above).  So by popular demand, I am now offering a session where we focus on that one pose that Mom and Dad really want to get.  So for those of you who don’t want to spend the time it takes for a full session – this option may be for you!  The process is simple, you book the one pose session, pick your pose and we schedule a 45 minute block of time.  That’s it!  

How is this different from the wrapped minis you ask?  It’s different in that you get more variety with the wrapped minis and for the one pose minis the baby can be naked or in a cute outfit.  It’s up to you!

The sessions are $149 and include one digital image of your choice.  As an introductory special they will be $99 for the rest of June!  Book yours today!  

Baby I | Wrapped Mini Session

Baby I came in for her mini wrapped session and she was just the sweetest!  She slept so soundly we were able to do a bonus pose with her in the bucket.  She was pure perfection in pinks and creams!

Baby & Kids Conference USA

Taking a small break from catching up on blogging sessions, I wanted to share the amazing experience I was fortunate to have this past weekend.  My clients know how important both safety and training are to me for my newborn photography, and I make it priority to attend at least one training every other year.  This year I’ve committed to two separate training events and I am so excited to share my first one.  Through the generosity of Cristanta Mecate from Freebird Prop Shoppe I was able to attend the first USA edition of the Baby & Kids Congress.  While the conference may be new to the US – it’s not new overall, organized by Backstage Producciones, who has been specializing in photography education since 2012.  Because of this, they were able to get some amazing talent on the stage this past weekend in Irvine, CA.  Big names in the newborn world included Erin Hoskins, Bianca Hubble, Amy McDaniel, Jade Gao, Doug Weittenhiller (1/3 of Twig and Olive), Alli Peck and more.

I’ve attended a few WPPI conferences in the past (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International), this conference was focused (sorry no pun intended) on baby and kids – and there was just one stage so each participant could see all of the speakers.  I really loved that I didn’t have to choose one class over another and was able to see all of the speakers.  It was a wonderful learning experience for sure.   

Enough about all the training – did I mention there was shopping too?  My clients know I love to provide the most beautiful props for their newborns and boy did I stock up at the conference!  From heavenly angora wraps and bonnets from Beautiful Ewe to the gorgeous sitter outfits from My Darling Emma, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I shopped at a couple new vendors like Mama Knits and Rockarooz, and some favorites like Freebird, Mia JoyThreads and Evergreen, Baby Bliss Props and  Ivy  & Twine.  I am excited to use them in all my upcoming sessions!

Overall, it was a great trip and I know my clients appreciate my dedication to continuing to grow as a photographer.  I promise we will be back to cute babies next week!