I am excited to announced my latest session type – the One Pose Mini!  So many times I get inquiries from families who don’t want a full newborn session but have fallen in love with one of the many photos that I have shared.  By far, the favorite is what is sometimes referred to as the “Froggy” (pictured above).  So by popular demand, I am now offering a session where we focus on that one pose that Mom and Dad really want to get.  So for those of you who don’t want to spend the time it takes for a full session – this option may be for you!  The process is simple, you book the one pose session, pick your pose and we schedule a 45 minute block of time.  That’s it!  

How is this different from the wrapped minis you ask?  It’s different in that you get more variety with the wrapped minis and for the one pose minis the baby can be naked or in a cute outfit.  It’s up to you!

The sessions are $149 and include one digital image of your choice.  As an introductory special they will be $99 for the rest of June!  Book yours today!  

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